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NHR in Portugal

The NHR is a more favorable tax regime granted, based on certain criteria, to individuals who have not resided in Portugal in the last 5 years and who intend to reside in Portugal again. This status provides certain exemptions and tax privileges for a period of 10 years.

It is essential to ensure correct compliance with the applicable formalities in the year of the move and in the subsequent years of residence in Portugal, in order to fully benefit from the potential advantages of the NHR regime. We accompany you throughout this entire process.

We handle all the requirements related to the NHR for your move to Portugal, which include the following tax services: Initial personalized briefing about the NHR regime, arrival or registration formalities, application for NHR status, analysis and preparation of a high value-added activity, filing of individual income tax returns, and ongoing advice on tax and social security matters.

Some advantages of the NHR regime

Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to obtain:

0% tax on foreign income in some situations

0% tax on wealth

0% tax on dividends

20% tax on independent work income: By residing in Portugal, you can obtain Portuguese nationality.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a part of its effort to attract foreigners, Portugal introduced the “Non Habitual Residency” tax regime and this regime encompasses a number of tax exemptions and privileges and its main aim is to provide an opportunity to optimise taxes.