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Obtain NIF in Portugal

Obtaining the Tax Identification Number (NIF) is crucial for those looking to move to or do business in Portugal. With the NIF, you can set up your company, purchase property in Portugal, and potentially benefit from a favorable tax regime. Portugalforforeigners helps you get the necessary tools to start your projects in Portugal. Begin the NIF acquisition process with us, and we will have a team at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

NIF means "Número de Identificação Fiscal", which translates as the Tax Identification Number. Obtaining a NIF is the first step for any economic activity in Portugal and It is necessary for both residents and non-residents of Portugal who wish to open a bank account, do any type of property business, acquire a residence permit, hire an Internet provider, among others. So, if you are considering moving to Portugal, carrying out any type of commercial activities or even simply staying here for extended periods of time , NIF registration is a priority.